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  1. Bonnie Mellor says:

    Dr La was wonderful, very professional.., I had a bleed in my eye on a Sat. was afraid I could not find a Dr to treat me but I called the office and they got me right in. The staff was very helpful and kind. I think I have found my new optometrist, would recommend Dr La and her staff to everyone.

  2. Rosa P. says:

    Dr. La was great. Her staff was very friendly and polite. They were very efficient and I envy their ability to handle calls to the insurance company. Dr. La is always very thorough, not only making patients feel comfortable but also making sure to educate patients as to the importance of proper health care and how it affects the eyes. Dr. La is great, I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

  3. Thomas Kilgore says:

    Dr. La was excellent. Comprehensive examination, excellent service, AND affordable without insurance. Without reservation I would recommend her to anyone.

  4. Ashley Young says:

    Dr.La is an excellent optometrist, she was very patient with my 4year old. She was very courteous and so was her staff. I would definitely recommend her to all of my friends and family.

  5. Joseph Silver says:

    Dr. La was very professional and prompt. I am very satisfied and will recommend her to all my friends. Her office was clean and her staff are very friendly. Dr. La answered all my questions and is very knowledgeable. I definitely will bring all my children back!

  6. Patricia VanHoudt says:

    Dr. La is wonderful!! Dr. La takes her time with every patient, and she explains everything clearly. She does a great job communicating with my teenagers! We have had to move a lot, and have been to eye doctors all over the U.S., she is by far the best we’ve ever had! Her staff is amazing also.

  7. Theresa B. says:

    Excellent care, up-to-date equipment, wonderful service! Thank you for everything. Will not wait so long next time — equipment used to be more cumbersome

  8. tb2 says:

    Excellent care, up-to-date equipment, wonderful service! Thank you for everything

  9. Deborah says:

    Dr. La and her staff are great! This was my second year to get eye exam from her and will definitely keep coming back. Thanks

  10. Daniel Attard says:

    She gave my wife and I a good impression from our first walk-in appointment. I remember how politely she spoke to three other patients in the office one of them apparently only spoke only in Spanish. She is obviously very intelligent and her ability to speak in English, Spanish and Vietnamese allows her to serve a wide variety of clients.

  11. I received A++ service from Dr. La! She is knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I highly recommend her and her staff.

  12. Gaby Rivera says:

    Dr. La is the best, and very professional my visit was very pleasant and fast but did not feel rushed. Also the staff was great and friendly. If you’re looking for a great Optometrist, I highly recommend Dr. La.

  13. Nancy Barak says:

    Dr. L was great! Extremely efficient and so nice. Examined me for glasses and answered my questions. Very knowledgeable and courteous. Will definately recommend her to family and friends.

  14. Robert Spurgeon says:

    The staff here is tremendous! Very friendly and full of good spirit. Dr. La had an answer for every question and her techniques are quick and precise. Very knowledgeable and professional. Go for the eye care…stay for the awesome staff!

  15. Michael says:

    Walk-in appointment was great! I was greeted with kind words and Dr. La really spent some quality time with me to get the exact lens that i needed, Thank you, you guys Rock!!

  16. Holden Childress says:

    I went to Dr. La and her staff recently for the first time and it was by far the best eye doctor visit I have ever had. She’s very kind, patient, and knows what she’s doing. It was busy in the office, yet she still made sure to take time and deal with every patient waiting. Her staff is very friendly and helpful as well. Highly recommend!

  17. Chris La says:

    Dr. La is the best optometrist I have ever visited. She is not only professional but also caring, patient, honest, and has a good sense of humor. She makes my experience feel less like an ordinary examination to check off of a list and more like a personal visit that she enjoys to have with me.

  18. Andrew Wong says:

    Dr. La is the best optometrist I have ever been to. She is extremely professional, and I definitely recommend her.

  19. Cori says:

    My son went for his first pair of glasses and the staff was wonderful. The staff was very friendly and professional. Quick and efficient. Great Job.

  20. Colleen Grider says:

    I absolutly loved Dr. La and her staff, they were awesome! She helped me so much and I would recommend them to everyone!! I would rate Dr La and her staff a 10+. She will get you what you need, I promise.

  21. Brenda Johnson says:

    This was THE BEST eye care visit I have ever enjoyed going to. The staff is not only friendly, they are fast, efficient and very informative. I went into Walmart to fill the prescription and they were equally as GREAT!! Dr La answered EVERY question I had and was a great help in knowing what to expect in the future, having ‘baby’ cataracts forming. I will definately return!

  22. Dustin Green says:

    I recommand Dr. La and her staff if you ever need to have a check up or first time going. Her knowledge and staff was by far the best visit I had out of the 8 years of going to different eye doctors. She adds that personal value that is lacking in todays society. Rated on a scale from 1 to 10, I would rate Dr. La and staff a 10 being the best!

  23. frank taylor aam says: is AWESOME!!! she was very professional and explained everything to me. Even her secretary was very polite, and made sure everything was clean for the next customer. Great visit and will for sure be coming back!!

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